Kishore Tipirneni, M.D.

    “I was accepted into a 6-year combined BS/MD program for medical school right out of high school. But in high school I had also taught myself programming and was writing software for Ohio State University. I was interested in both computers and medicine, but decided on medicine. I’m fortunate in that now I get to do both. I practice medicine, but also spend time writing code for medically related software. I started a software company for digital imaging and designed the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software for our office which allowed orthopedic surgeons nationwide to transition to digital X-rays from film X-rays . In my spare time, I write applications for the App Store.”


    • Hands
    • Trauma
    • Fractures


    Residency Henry Ford Health System
    Medical School The Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy
    Affiliations Arrowhead Hospital
    John C. Lincoln Hospital- Deer Valley
    Pinnacle Surgery Center

    All the doctors are Board Certified